We are conducting a series of Horse Guided Learning Workshops now through March 30, 2017 for individuals who look to empower their life; increase self-awareness, improve relationships and develop their passions and life purpose. Special workshops for families with ADHD will also be held monthly so do look out for events. Everyone will walk away with a powerful experience and an ability to set healthy boundaries, welcome emotions, improve self-esteem, increase self-confidence and live a full-on authentic life with horse power! Workshops fill up fast so secure your spot by calling 055 663 7302.

Drop your mask and discover your true self

This one-day unique and profound experience is ideal for you if you are looking for a change in your life. Work interactively with the horses to discover how you can live more authentically & on purpose, stay true to your values, improve relationships and communications, set proper boundaries and reduce stress, anxiety and uncertainty. We will do a series of horse guided experiential activities and exercises – on the ground (no riding required) to learn from these wise sentient beings how to live more in the present with passion!

  • Date: Saturday – January 28, 2016
  • 9.30am to 3.30pm  (lunch included)
  • Cost: AED585 (10% discount for bringing a friend)
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The Language of Emotions

Feeling guilt, shame, fear, anger, sadness or anxiety? Want to learn how to balance those emotions? All of our emotions are necessary in order to function in society. Attend this interactive workshop to learn more about how “Your Emotions Speak a Language you Need to Understand” – based on Karla McLaren’s ground breaking work with emotions.

  • Dates: Saturday Jan 21 & Feb 11, 2017
  • 9-11am
  • Cost: AED120 / per person, per event (includes materials)
  • Location: The Surf House, Jumeirah Beach Road
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“Your child is NOT broken! – managing ADHD symptoms through the way of the horse”.